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Why self-awareness is key to your next promotion

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

3 reasons why your self–awareness is key to your next promotion

Are you working your a** off but not getting the promotion you deserve?

Do you feel unclear of how your progression looks like in your organization?

In my last decade across various leadership roles, I have came across many staff and co-workers who often feel or think this way. And, when I asked them what they have done about it, they usually shrugged their shoulders and replied that it is not up to them to decide when their promotion will be.

Yes, there is truth to a certain extent that we will not be able to control when we will be given the next promotion or opportunity. But, there is a lot more to what you can do to influence this process. And, first, it begins with your self-awareness. Let me explain 3 reasons why your self-awareness is key to your next promotion.


3 reasons why your self-awareness is key to your next promotion

1. Do you have a good self-awareness of whether you are a good to high performer in your team?

I cannot stress more that this is a basic principle we all need to be aware of. Yes, you may be a good performer either meeting or exceeding expectations. But, the truth is that if you are competing against many high performers vis a vis the opportunities available, then you need to be realistic about your expectations of getting a promotion.

Once you have set the awareness and form a more realistic expectation, then, you can think about your next step. I find often that people do not have the self-awareness of this, and get disappointed when they did not get a promotion at year end.

2. Do you have the self-awareness of what the new role entails?

“I am performing well and should deserve that promotion!”.

Unfortunately, this is a misconception. A promotion is not given solely as a reward for your past hard work. In fact, a promotion is given to individuals who are assessed to be able to perform at the next higher level. If so, then are you aware of what the expectations are of that higher level role?

Map out the role you want to achieve and understand the requirements of the role. Not sure of what role you are after? Speak to your performance manager, mentor or coach to discuss your strengths and options.

3. Do you have the self-awareness of your strengths, gaps and challenges to reach to the next level?

Now that you have an idea of the role you want to work towards to, do you have the self-awareness of where you stand vis a vis the role? If you do not, I recommend you to benchmark your strengths and development areas to the role. After which, arrange for a discussion with your performance manager to go through your self assessment and seek your manager’s feed backs and comments. Don’t forget to ask whether there will be opportunities in that role, and the priorities you should work on to be considered for the role.

I hope by now, you realize that your self-awareness is CRITICAL to your own success. Once you gain that self-awareness of yourself, your environment, your reality, you will be in so much more power to respond and plan your strategies to your well-deserved promotion.

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

From a finance-leader to a coach, Elynn is passionate about empowering others to become a better version of themselves and live a flourishing life.   Elynn spent 18 years working in highly dynamic and fast-paced corporate environments and held various global leadership roles. During this time, Elynn had the privilege to lead and serve global and virtual teams. And, it is through these beautiful souls that Elynn discovered her passion of empowering others to become a better self. Elynn holds a Bachelor in Accountancy, Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Counselling. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling.

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