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Are you ready for a whole, new life?

Give me a few hours of your precious time, and you’ll be experiencing the highest growth and transformation of your life.

Personal Empowerment Coaching: Welcome


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Is This You?

Do you need help to get to your highest potential?

This is you if you:

  • Often procrastinate and unsure how to get out of it

  • Feel overwhelmed and unable to prioritise effectively

  • Fear to speak up in a group communicator

  • Struggle in being an effective leader and

  • Lack courage to take actions & pursue your desires

  • Lack clarity in your career goals & progression

  • Have low self-esteem and self-worth

  • Have low motivation and energy in life

  • Have no purpose or passion to live for

Everyone Has A Different Story,
And So Do You

If you are ready to embark on this journey to rewrite your story and relive a life that you truly desire, I am here to help you find your WHY, WHAT and HOW. Arrange for your complimentary consultation now

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Hi, I am Elynn Teo, Creator of The Mind Studio.

As a highly passionate soul, equipped with professional trainings as a Certified HeartMath Trainer, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach and Master Practitioner, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Counsellor, I am passionate to coach women through their own personal transformations in pursuit of living with purpose, courage and confidence. Outside of The Mind Studio, I am also the Chief Financial Officer of a real estate private equity firm, as well as the co-founder of a social enterprise Woven.ByWomen.

On the personal front, I am also a mother, wife, daughter and a volunteer who strive to play each role as beautifully as I can. I believe every individual has this inner power and strength within them to achieve the happiness they want. Sometimes, we are just a little stuck. Like, stuck in the tunnel and need a guiding light to shine the way.


That was me. For 18 years in the corporate world, I worked incredibly hard, progressed well up the corporate ladder, and spent almost five years in senior leadership roles. By then, I was also already a mother of two beautiful boys. On the outside, it seemingly looked like I have a good life, yet on the inside, I felt like a failure. But I hit rock bottom in my marriage. I also realized I neglected my health and needed to undergo a surgery. It then daunted to me that something was clearly missing in my life. I started a journey of soul searching….And, I was ready for my PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because, there is still time if you take action now. If I can do it, ANYONE can.


Personal Transformation - Heal. Discover. Growth. Transform.

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Your Transformation Journey
Through Personal 1-1 Coaching with Elynn

Life is too precious to not live your true purpose, and do what truly makes you happy. I am sure you agree…and you seem to be doing well on the outside, but somehow feeling something is missing on the inside?

Personal Transformation coaching is a highly personalized program designed to help you heal, discover, grow and transform to the person and life you desire to be.

Let me show you the way to gain clarity to your situation, the possibilities you have, and the communication and confidence to achieve the life you’re truly meant to live!

Your Journey Of Personal Transformation
Personalised Solutions For Every Phase Of Your Journey

Discovery Phase

  • Gain clarity to the problem that is hindering you to achieve your goals.

  • Identify your CORE values about what is truly important to you in life.

  • Map out what a purposeful life in harmony looks like for you.

  • Release and overcome any limiting beliefs, negative emotions or even trauma, phobia, fears.

  • How to challenge and reframe your mindset to one that is positive and helpful.

Growth Phase

  • Transform the purpose and values into goals and steps.

  • Deep dive into your existing strategies and develop new strategies to achieve the results you want.

  • Take actionable steps to elevate your mindset, heartset, healthset, soulset.

Transformation Phase

  • Develop habits that can help you sustain your new purpose and goals.

  • Review and monitor progress.

  • Elevate your spiritual learnings & manifestation to a higher, wiser YOU

Personal Empowerment Coaching: FAQ

What Others Say About Us?


Attended a Confidence bootcamp workshop with Elynn and it certainly prompted me to do some introspection and ask myself the tough questions. Elynn focuses on guiding us to think of how we may align our values to our actions/behaviours, both cognitively (mind) and from our heart. The workshop was also interactive, which provided the safe space for the few of us to open up and share about about our stories, thus allowing us to see that we are not alone in this journey.

Will be on a lookout for more workshops with her! (:

We Are Here To Help

How is this different from therapy/counselling or coaching?

This is both! The Personal Transformation is an integrative healing and coaching approach to meet you where you are. Typically, when a client is in the healing and discovery phase, our time together will comprise a higher composite of therapy/counselling. As the client transforms through this phase and moves towards Growth and Transform, our work will then shift towards coaching.

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