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Parenting Program: Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach: Welcome

This program is currently fully subscribed. Kindly leave me a message if you'd like to be added to the waitlist.


Do you believe there is so much more to life, but sometimes feel overwhelmed or uncertain how to reach your fullest potential?
Do you wish you can live purposefully with joy & peace?

If you’re saying YES, then CEOBabe is for you! You will discover my secrets & how easy it is to live purposefully with positivity, productivity & peace!

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Every CEOBabe has unapologetic dreams & purpose

I am here to help you reach them…

At CEOBabe, we focus on being the CEO of our Life
through the 4 Ps:


  • Purposeful: Learn to be Purposeful each day to be the best version of yourself

  • Positivity: Build Positive relationships with self & others through transforming your mindsets & communications

  • Productivity: Learn the Productivity tools to reach our goals & enjoy life

  • Peace: Achieve the Peace & Joy you desire!

And, of course, through the POWER of this like-minded women group, we support & lift one another!

Why CEOBabe?

Well, if you have enough of your old way of living, and you want to know how to reach your own full potential, I am going to show you how!

The secrets are all within the tiny shifts & changes in your daily life! Integrating my personal & professional experiences, this program is curated specially for you. From weekly calls, bi-monthly masterclasses to quarterly strategy meeting, you are all covered. You will learn about how to think, feel and act strategically – just like a CEO!

Leveraging on my corporate and senior leadership experience + my coaching expertise, I will show you the tools & tactics you can achieve a purposeful life. What you need to do is commit, show up & take actions!

Alone, we can do so little….

Together, we can do so much more!

Bonuses as CEOBabe!

When you sign up for CEOBabe Annual Membership, you will receive a complimentary welcome session (60mins) where I will work with you directly 1-1 to set up your directions!

In addition, you will be on the VIP list to receive exclusive invitations to my closed-door events & enjoy 15% discount on all my offerings. This is how we support one another in our CEOBabe community!

Purposeful Living as a CEOBabe

Yes, as I can imagine, all of us has a stressful, busy schedule! So, if you can’t make it for one session, you can simply join us back for the next! This is why the program is set up for weekly calls so that even if you miss out one session, you will not miss out on your goals & plans!

I. Weekly Mentorship Call (1 hour, zoom)
Each mentorship call will focus the mindsets, beliefs, values, habits & strategies behind living a life with Purpose, Positivity, Productivity & Peace! Additionally, you will learn about Positive Psychology & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in a bite size manner each week that will help you grow continuously as a CEOBabe!

Week 1: Mindset Call

Week 2: Progress Call

Week 3: Strategies Call

Week 4: Goal Setting Call

II. Bi-Monthly Masterclasses (1 hour; Zoom/In person)
As CEOBabes, we are always in our continuous personal development journey to mastering our life!

In our bi-monthly Masterclasses, we will invite experts to share their knowledge with us on topics we are passionate about! And, you can share your expertise with the other CEO-Babes too!

III. Quarterly Strategy Meeting (2 hours; in person)
Being CEOBabes mean we are purposeful in creating our quarterly life plan. This is the time for us to come together to re-strategize and reset our plan for the next quarter!

Becoming a CEOBabe
For as little as S$125* a month (that’s less than a cup of starbucks a day…!), your membership as a CEOBabe gives you an all-encompassing access to ALL of the weekly, bi-monthly and quarterly events!

Find out which option suits you best!

Monthly Membership – S$180 p/month
Pay on a monthly basis + NO commitment. You can cancel your membership anytime you feel that you aren’t getting the value you need!

Annual Membership – *S$125 p/month
Pay on a monthly basis but commit to 12 months. This is where you can witness your own commitment, progress & success!

No hassle payment via monthly deduction from your credit card!

Parenting Program: Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach: FAQ
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