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About Elynn Teo

Hi, I am Elynn Teo, Founder of The Mind Studio, and The Purposeful Circle, a pro-bono mentorship program for women in advocate of purposeful living.

I am passionate about coaching women and youths to build and live a life they love. I believe every individual has the inner power and strength within them to achieve the happiness they want. Sometimes, we are just a little stuck, and all we need is a guiding light to shine the way out of a dark tunnel.


It is this passion and belief that has driven me to be professionally trained as a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Therapist, Certified HeartMath Trainerand Positive Psychology Practitioner.


Outside of The Mind Studio, I am the Chief Financial Officer of a private equity firm and run an online health and freedom business.


On the personal front, I am a mother, wife, daughter and a volunteer who strives to play each role as beautifully as I can.


However, the road hasn’t been all smooth sailing for me. I wasn’t always living purposefully. This is my story.

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About Me: About

Finding my true calling: to inspire and empower others

Having personally gone through a challenging and emotionally neglected childhood, I learnt to work very hard firstly for survival… and then in pursuit of happiness and love. Yes, I eventually reached a pretty comfortable place.


At 35, I was promoted to Senior Vice President at a leading investment management firm, and had the privilege to lead and mentor global teams.


With a lovely family of my own and two beautiful children, I was at the pinnacle of my life and career. I was the epitome of a successful woman. 


Yet, I felt something was amiss. I was stuck, and I could not visualise the path ahead of me despite everything I had. My inner compass had lost its way. On the surface, I had a successful career and a loving family. Deep in my heart, I was unhappy and constantly wondering: Where do I go from here? Is this all that I am?

But I was scared to make a change. Until this one time, when I was on vacation with my family, with a more relaxed mind, I had the time and space to reflect. As I was approaching my 40s at that time, I thought of my mum, who passed away from a sudden brain haemorrhage when she was only 46 years old. At that moment, it dawned on me. Do I want to continue my life like this, or should I start doing what I’m passionate about and live my life to the fullest? And I still remember that it was in that beautiful infinity pool at the top of the mountain at 3000 meters high….that I told my husband in his eyes, “If I were to die at 46 years old like my mom, and still living the same way as I am now, I would die with many regrets.” And that was it. My husband told me to quit my job and assured me that I would figure out my next path.

So, thanks to him, I finally took the leap of faith and hit the REFRESH button to discover the north star in my next phase of life.

The Mind Studio was created out of love and empowerment to inspire more souls to become creators of their own lives.

How my past moulded me to find The Mind Studio

While I am now in a more fulfilling phase of life, my professional journey undoubtedly moulded me into who I am today. During my 20 years in the finance and private equities industries, I am humbled and honoured to have held various leadership roles creating & leading teams across Americas, India, London and Singapore, where I coached and mentored many beautiful souls.  Thanks to them, I realised how passionate I am about empowering others to achieve their potential.


This belief in empowering others also extends to my personal life. A mother to three boys (two little humans and a golden retriever), my goal is to cultivate an empowering environment where my boys can excel to be the best they can be. I want to be the mum they can speak to about their thoughts, feelings, plans and secrets with!

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If only…

Looking back, I wished I had someone to guide me through my inferiority about my childhood. When my mum passed away, I felt there was no one else I could trust. I felt I was on my own. I struggled to support myself through college when my dad was retrenched. I jumped from one relationship to the next seeking for validity and security…. and the list goes on.


I told myself I would never want my children to go through the same feeling of being so small and insignificant in this crazy VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world.  Easier said than done though. This is definitely by far my most challenging role – from difficult pregnancies, miscarriage, breast-feeding nightmares to the fears as a mum when our boys go through different medical issues. However, being a mum is also no doubt the most rewarding and selfless job.  I strive to be the best emotional coach I can be for them every single day.


When not at work, yoga keeps me sane and grounded and exploring this beautiful planet with people I love is my passion!

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More fun facts about Elynn

Choices. Courage. Clarity. 

I had the privilege to share a part of my story in front of many successful entrepreneurs on how I achieved my initial sucess in my first year in Usana, an online health & freedom business I'm in. It was a part of me that I've not quite expected to share in this manner, but I did. And I hope this would also server as a reminder for you that llife is made up of every choice and decision that we make, and if we can learn to lean into courage, we'll be able to gain clarity, make more aligned choices and be motivated to take actions for our choices. Today, I hope to share snippets of my story with you, and impact you positively in any small possible way. If you have any questions or thoughts after listening, I really hope to hear from you.

Purpose & Business

CNA Feature where Elynn shares tips for women who wishes to start their own business!

Featured blog – A mumpreneur who left her profession of 18 years for a better purpose during the pandemic

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My Befriender Journey...

Elynn shares about her journey as a volunteer and befriender at Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT),

in this interview with Soaring Solos, a support community for single unwed mothers in Singapore.

"I would really encourage these women to come forward to seek help, and knowing that seeking help is actually showing of strength and it it not weakness" - Elynn

Professional Qualifications

  • Masters in Counselling (Advanced)

  • Certified HeartMath Trainer |

  • Certified Master Practitioner & Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming | IANLP

  • Graduate Diploma of Positive Psychology | The School of Positive Psychology

  • Graduate Certificate of Counselling | Swinburne University of Technology

  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) | Nanyang Technological University

About Me: About
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