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Counselling & Therapy

a safe space to feel, heal, and grow


Hello, I'm Elynn Teo!

Founder of The Mind Studio. I'm a Professional Counsellor, Certified HearthMath Trainer, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, and Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner.

I provide counselling and therapy for people with various psychological and emotional challenges, and my ultimate goal is to help everyone live to their fullest potential.

Why Speak To Me?

While growing up, I went through many challenges, including emotional neglect, grief, low self-esteem and self-worth, among many others.  


Although I was a successful financial professional by 35, deep down, I have always felt like something was amiss. I also knew that I was not truly happy and reaching my potential as a part of me was still stuck in my past. I started to seek help, both through personal coaching and therapy. Before long, I also started to pursue professional courses to deepen my understanding behind the art and science behind human emotions, and this quest eventually pushed me to work towards being a professional Coach and Counsellor

Having been there myself, I understand the challenges that you may be going through, and I commit to providing this space to help you heal from your pain by walking with you in this journey, to visualize the path ahead and take actions to become the best version of yourself. 

My approach: I’m committed to creating a open and safe space for change by using some of the most effective strategies that have yielded excellent results. My counselling approach includes client-centered therapy, positive psychology and various therapies that help people explore and understand specific problems, challenges, or events and generate strategies and solutions to move forward.

Good therapist-client relationship: I have always believed a safe, warm, and empathetic relationship with my clients is the foundation for positive change. I am committed to ensuring that YOU feel heard, respected, and valued.

Personal Empowerment Coaching: Welcome

Over the years, I've helped people:

  • Heal from childhood traumas

  • Heal from grieve and losses

  • Handle relationship troubles

  • Handle parenting woes

  • Heal from burnout; career and workplace stress.

  • Find new paths in life

Benefits of Counselling & Therapy


See your thoughts and experiences through a different perspective


Improve your physical and mental wellbeing through a greater sense of self awareness


Cope with the stressors of everyday life and focus on the things that matter


Time set aside to embrace,a accept and release your pent up emotions that hold you back from thriving

Schedule a Session with Me

Life is too precious to not live your true purpose and do what truly makes you happy.”

If you would love to heal and empower yourself, click on this link or email me at

Personal Empowerment Coaching: FAQ
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