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Enrollment is full for June-Nov 2024 intake. Join the waitlist to be notified for the next intake.

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Personal Empowerment Coaching: Welcome

The Purposeful Circle


The Purposeful Circle is a platform that serves women to embrace purposeful living through a guided 6-months program. Furthermore, it will be fuelled with mentorship by women mentors who have benefitted from The Purposeful Circle. This is sponsored by The Mind Studio as part of our community give back and is available to all women at no cost.

Through this programme, you can dive deeper into the success pillars of life, rethink and restrategize how you lead each of these pillars, and recreate your life with purpose.
You will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop an unbeatable mindset and absolute confidence

  • Create clarity and design your own vision plan that’s aligned to your values

  • Break through the fears and limits that have stopped you from reaching your potential

  • Double or triple your productivity and performance

  • Develop habits and rituals that help you transform anxiety to at ease 

  • Create a balance between work and family life on your own terms

And above it all, you will have a personal mentor by your side and a community of like-minded women to support and uplift you in your journey of purposeful living.


What you'll receive in this mentorship & community

The 6-months guided program is structured yet personalised to your needs:

  • Weekly pre-recorded lessions and worksheets, on topics around the important pillars of life, such as self-awareness, clarity and vision, self-worth and beliefs, productivity, money mindsets and abundance. These are specially curated by Elynn, from her professional experience as a certified life coach and therapist, to help women in today's fast-paced world to slow down and turn inwards to find our true self.

  • Personal mentorship - you'll be matched with your mentor, where you can meet up at least once a quarter to support your development needs

  • Weekly group mentoring via Whatsapp where our group of mentors will provide guidance on the week's topic and address any Q&A

  • Group masterclasses where you'll meet and learn alongside a caring and supportive  community of other women all on their own journey of rediscovery, navigating their way through a season of change.


Curriculum of The Purposeful Circle

Month 1 - Vision

Seek clarity and design your vision plan

Month 4 - Money Love

Form a new, loving relationship with money that support you achieve your dreams in life


Month 2 - Self-worth

From limit to limitless. Overcome your fears and obstacles & discover your true strength.

Month 5 - Abundance

Embracing the laws of spirituality as a way of being to abundance

Month 3 - Productivity Accelerator

Simply to Amplify. Create a system that helps you to focus on what's truly important and transform anxiety to at ease.

Month 6 - I'm Purposeful 2.0

Create your very own version of Purposeful 2.0 by bringing everything you've learnt to level up further in your purposeful living journey.


Next Intake for June to November, 2024

Join us in the next intake of 
The Purposeful Circle!

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you."

~ Bob Proctor, Author ~


Meet your Mentors 


Hello I’m elynn, founder of The Mind Studio. My mission of The Mind Studio is to guide women become the CEO of their own life and create the life they love.


Professionally, I'm also a CFO at a private equity firm and an online entrepreneur who help others achieve health and freedom.


Personally just like many of you, I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister..and quite a free spirited soul who has finally found the comfort within my own skin to be who I truly am. This soul journey has been humbling and liberating and I truly pray for every person in this universe to experience it.


Creating The Purposeful Circle Mentorship platform is like a dream come true for me to elevate the impact of my mission. Integrating my professional experience as a certified life coach & therapist with my personal journey, each content has been designed and delivered to you with intentionality.


Together with a group of inspiring and like-minded women, we’re strong advocates of purposeful living and here to support more women who’re ready to take their first step into the journey of purposeful living and transforming their lives from good to great.


"I have learned that life’s greatest treasures do not lie in specific things but in the people who walk beside us, helping us to embrace our authenticity and honour our life’s purpose. Being a mindful co-traveller to women who are looking to empower themselves and discover the beauty and wonder in life is a key part of my life’s purpose."

Hello, I’m Darvinya, founder of The Kaizen Collective, a coaching and wellness platform that aims to help people find strength through their struggles. Having studied International Relations at NYU, a passion for conflict resolution informs my transformative work with individuals to unbind themselves from family dysfunction and generational trauma. 
I once read that mentorship is the legacy that keeps on giving, shaping generations to come. My love of the Purposeful Circle comes from a deep gratitude I have for my mentors and the role they played in helping me transition from a struggling young girl to a confident entrepreneur. Today as I live in connection to my purpose, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a witness to someone else’s life journey. 

Hello, I am Mint! I am an advocate for financial independence and relish the freedom that comes with autonomy.  


Life’s journey has taught me to cherish every experience, viewing each moment as an opportunity for growth, each one shaping me into the person I am today. Through trials and tribulations, I’ve gained wisdom and experiences beyond the confines of classrooms. Instead of focusing on crises or losses, I choose to see life brimming with boundless potential and positive energy. These lessons have fuelled my passion for community building, particularly in empowering women.


Every day I wake up is a gift – an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and my own. My journey has been one of constant growth and development with each season presenting new purposes and opportunities.


Now, as a mentor to the women’s community, my mission is to ignite hope and foster growth, paying forward the support and guidance I’ve received along the way. Join me as we navigate life’s adventures with optimism and embrace the joy of living each day purposefully.

Together, let’s make an impact, inspire changes, and cultivate inner peace in our shared journey toward empowerment and success.

I am Meerly, currently manage a co-working business for an Australian developer, creating a supportive and vibrant environment for people to thrive. I have a inquisitive mind and always in a look out for something fun to do. I was a graphic designer, entrepreneur, photographer, yoga instructor, competitive basketball player and travelled extensively around the world.


After becoming a mother of two young toddlers, I embarked on a journey of healing and rediscovering myself, in order for me to recalibrate so that I can focus on things that truly matters to me. Being in The Purposeful Circle has helped me to gain clarity and feel more grounded and composed. I am now more passionate than ever to support women to step in their own power to embrace and experience life the way they want it.

Hello, I’m Jinda! I’m a certified KonMari consultant, a certified Life Coach and mom to 2 lovely children. 

Previously, I was an event organiser for large scale graduations and corporate events at a private education institution for 14 years, until a bad burnout episode in 2022, in which I found myself at the lowest point in my life - feeling physically and mentally drained, depressed, with very low self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Life-coaching and tidying up my home gave me the reset button to my life that I was looking for - through which I was able to embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery. Subsequently, I found myself inspired to get certified as a KonMari consultant and life coach, to be able to help others like myself, to overcome the feelings of overwhelm, to gain more clarity and self-confidence, and to rediscover joy in their lives.

Being in the Purposeful Circle has helped me to continue to do more self-development work, and find greater meaning and purpose in my life. I am excited and looking forward to helping and supporting women to lead more purposeful and intentional lives.

Hello, I’m Winnie, founder of The Language Tribe. As an English Language coach, who is also a certified teacher in dyslexia and literacy teaching, I connect with children, youth and adults alike and guide them to achieve success in English communication skills. No matter what age, no matter what ability.


A former journalist and PR professional, I also engage in writing and public relations projects where I use the power of language to help clients build awareness.


Having recently experienced one of the darkest phases of my life, I made the liberating choice to take the chance and make a change. Joining The Purposeful Circle empowered me to embrace who I am, and gain more clarity and confidence. As a mother, wife, daughter and sister, I have seen how the change in me has positively impacted those around me.


What Others Say About Us?

Ying Min

What I love about The Purposeful Circle program is that it breaks down large concepts into bite sized strategies that are easily applicable in my day-to-day life. I took up the accelerator program which includes 1-1 coaching. Having a coach really helps to deepen my understanding and application of these concepts/strategies, which would otherwise remain as superficial knowledge. During our coaching sessions, Elynn does a deep dive into my mindsets/areas of my life that I struggle with. Her work doesn’t end with each coaching session, and she consistently checks in and encourages me, especially on days I don’t feel my best. This, to me, speaks volumes of the kind of coach she is - one who truly cares. I’ve been a client turned friend of Elynn for more than two years now, and she has played a significant role in my transformation. I look forward to greater growth, in this journey called life with her.

Personal Empowerment Coaching: FAQ

We Are Here To Help

Is this program really free?

Yes, it is! This is our way of giving back to the community we love and benefitted from. Our mentors have stepped up to volunteer as mentors purely out of their desire to uplift and empower other women. For in-person events / masterclasses, there may be a small fee charged to cover venue and administrative costs.

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The Purposeful Circle is for women who're committed to their personal growth & development. Your application will be reviewed and you'll be notified if you're accepted into the program. 

Have further questions about The Purposeful Circle? You may reach out to Elynn to discuss.

(+65) 9067 6242

Waitlist for The Purposeful Circle 
A women only circle
Programme duration: June to Nov 2024
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