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Do you want to be unstuck and start creating & living your happy & purposeful life?

Elynn Teo

Hi, my name is Elynn Teo, NLP Empowerment Coach and Creator of The Mind Studio. I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach and Master Practitioner, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Counsellor-Trainee.

I believe every individual has this inner power and strength within them to achieve the happiness they want. Sometimes, we are just a little stuck. Like, stuck in the tunnel and need a guiding light to shine the way.

That’s what happened to me.

My Journey

Personally gone through a challenging and emotionally neglected childhood, I learnt to work very hard for survival…and then in pursuit of happiness and love. Yes, I eventually reached a pretty comfortable place.

At 35, I was promoted to Senior Vice President at a leading investment management firm, and had the privilege to lead and mentor global teams ever since than.

I also have a lovely family of my own with two beautiful children.

But I felt something amiss. I felt stuck, and I could not visualize the path ahead of me despite everything I had.

What I do know is my love in helping and seeing another person flourish. So, I finally took the courage to leave the corporate world after 18 years so I can focus on this purpose!

NLP Empowerment Coaching

Today, I feel extremely privileged to be an empowerment coach and counsellor-trainee, where I could make a direct positive impact to people’s lives.

Everyone has a different story, and so do you. If you are ready to embark on this journey to write the story you want for yourself, I would love to work with you!

Emotion Coaching for Children & Youth

A mother to two primary school boys, motherhood has not been always easy. After all, I grew up in a difficult environment and I often felt emotionally neglected. So, how can I be a good parent? After a few years of personal development journey, I finally found myself committed as an Emotion Coach Parent. I aspire to support children and youths, beyond my own, to build their mental and emotional resilience and become highly emotional intelligent individuals. If you wish for your child to embark on this Emotion Coaching journey with me, let’s have a chat!


Personal Coaching with Elynn

Do you have a problem in your career, relationships, or communications?

Are you having difficulty achieving your goals?

Or perhaps, feel trapped in your current life stage and lost that spark of life purpose?

If so, are you committed to improve your performance & results in life & achieve a HAPPIER, FLOURISHING life?

Life is too precious to not live your true purpose, and do what truly makes you happy. I am sure you agree, but somehow aren’t sure how to achieve that?

The good news is…..Yes, there is still time if you take action now.

How can NLP Empowerment Coaching with Elynn help you?

Being trained in NLP and Positive Psychology, my coaching approach integrates the two to provide practical solutions to my clients. In our coaching journey, we will focus on your mind and body (feelings) to spark the change in your actions and habits. The typical process include the following areas of work:

Gain clarity to the problem that is hindering you to achieve your goals

Map out your desired goal and outcome

Release and overcome limiting beliefs, negative emotions or even trauma, phobia, fears

Challenge and reframe your mindset to one that is positive and helpful

Review existing strategies and develop new strategies to achieve the results you want

Who is suitable for NLP Empowerment Coaching?

Anyone, as long as you are committed and willing to put in the efforts to change! NLP Empowerment Coaching with Elynn is for you if you answer yes to the following questions:

Do you want to achieve a winning mindset and positive attitudes to life?

Do you wish to identify and fulfil your inner potential?

Would you like to start creating the meaning of your life, rather than waiting for the purpose to appear?

Does it sound more exciting and fun to start celebrating your life, rather than worry about the uncertainty?

Are you ready to lead a happy and purposeful life?

Let’s have a chat to understand how we can work together to help you achieve this!


1. How is NLP Empowerment Coaching with Elynn different from life coaching?

I believe everyone has their own power within them to realize their potential. Often, people are stuck temporarily and need guidance to walk out of their dark tunnel and see the light at the end. And this is where I come in.

I work with you to challenge you on any unhelpful mindsets or limiting beliefs, release emotional pains and then adopt new mindsets, beliefs and attitudes. I guide you to identify your purpose and values, the true guiding light in you need in your life, and map out your goals and actions that allow you to live in alignment to your purpose and values. Being a Positive Psychology Practitioner, I believe in the fundamentals of everyone thriving and flourishing a purposeful life. As a NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, I train you to learn practical tools and techniques that can help you achieve your results that have a lasting impact. This is true empowerment.

2. How long does it take for me to see results?

If you are open and committed to change, you can see results even after 1 session! I would typically recommend 6 sessions for you to gain sufficient clarity and training as well as put your new skills to practice. However if you feel like you have met your goals even after only a few sessions, you are free to stop the coaching sessions. I am happy to refund any unused sessions back to you!

3. Do you conduct group coaching?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, some people have found group coaching to be especially motivating as they work with like-minded people and hold each other as accountable partners. Please check out the Events page for any group events or contact me separately to discuss possibilities.

4. Are your coaching sessions online or in-person?

Clients in Singapore have the option to choose online or in-person meeting. Clients outside Singapore will attend the coaching session online via zoom or skype.

Or, follow me @themindstudio.sg on Instagram!