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Hello, I am Elynn Teo

and the Founder of The Mind Studio. An advocate of purposeful living, and through my experience and training as a Certified HearthMath Trainer,  Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Counsellor,

I empower women and youths with the tools to build the life they love.

Everyone has a different story, and so do you. Just because you may feel stuck now in your life doesn't mean you need to stay there forever. If you're ready to embark on this journey to rewrite your story and relive a life that you crave, I am here to help you find your WHY, WHAT and HOW.

~with love & empowerment, Elynn

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Is this YOU?

Lacks clarity in your career goals & progression?
Low confidence to speak up in a group?
Feels anxious & overwhelmed by the demands of life?
Struggles in being an effective leader and communicator?
Lacks courage to take actions & pursue your desires?
Low self-esteem and self-worth?
No purpose or passion to live for?
Low motivation and energy in life?

Deep down,  you believe life should be so much more for you.
But perhaps you are feeling a little stuck or lost on how to reach that light
in your tunnel?

What if, I tell you I can guide you to rediscover that sparkle in your life and even more?

Read on to find out how
Personal Transformation coaching can help to elevate your life with purpose, confidence and courage.  YOU deserve the SUCCESS you desire

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Is this YOU?


Wants to overcome your limiting beliefs and reach your higher potential?

Wants to increase your productivity & performance?

Wants to live each day with clarity & purpose?

Wants to have it all at your own terms?

You're OK with life but not hitting your fullest potential. 

What if, I tell you I can guide you to create that life you love?

The Purposeful Circle is a coaching program for women to purposefully live & create the full circle of life.

This is a structured training program where you dive deeper in the successful pillars of life, rethink and restrategize how you lead each of these pillars, and recreating your life with purpose

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Is this YOUR child?

Lacks a growth mindset?

Gets emotionally triggered easily and unable to manage their emotions effectively?

Lacks confidence and public speaking?

Lacks motivaiton and direction in life?

Has a fear or phobia?

You know there's so much potential in your child but you aren't sure how to help them get there? 


Read on to find out how Youth Transformation can help your child be a more confident and purposeful person to achieve the success they want in life. 

Unsure if coaching is for you? Arrange for your complimentary consult with Elynn - your tea is on us!

Congrats on taking your first step! Let's meet very soon!


Still unsure? Read my clients' SUCCESS!


Attended a Confidence bootcamp workshop with Elynn and it certainly prompted me to do some introspection and ask myself the tough questions. Elynn focuses on guiding us to think of how we may align our values to our actions/behaviours, both cognitively (mind) and from our heart. The workshop was also interactive, which provided the safe space for the few of us to open up and share about about our stories, thus allowing us to see that we are not alone in this journey.

Will be on a lookout for more workshops with her! (:

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+65 9067 6242

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