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The Mind Studio by Elynn Teo

The Mind Studio by Elynn

Hello, I am Elynn Teo, creator of The Mind Studio. I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Counsellor-in-training.

I empower women & children to reconnect within their mind & heart, and teach them how to create and live a happy & purposeful life.

Everyone has a different story, and so do you. If you are ready to embark on this journey to write the story you want for yourself, I would love to work with you!

~with love & empowerment, Elynn

Are you struggling with one or more of the following:

A problem in your career, relationships, or communications?

Difficulty achieving your goals?

The feeling of being trapped in your current life stage and lost that spark of life purpose?

Are you a parent and face challenges in communicating and connecting effectively with your child? Or, are you looking for help for your child to enhance their social-emotional skills?

If your response is YES, are you committed to take action? Find out how coaching with Elynn can help you.

Elynn Teo

“Everyone has their own power within them to realize their potential. Often, people are stuck temporarily and need guidance to walk out of their dark tunnel and see the light at the end. And this is where I come in. This is where coaching makes that difference to your life.”

~Elynn Teo, Coach

The Mind Studio Reviews

What do my clients say about Elynn’s coaching style?

“Elynn’s coaching is a very interactive style which is nice to practice with others and listen and learn from others’ feedbacks and experiences. Thank you very much Elynn for this wonderful workshop! I still have many things to practice with my children. I’m definitely becoming more aware of many things, and trying to practice and implement what you taught us bit by bit.” ~Coralie

“Elynn is a very warm person. Someone who is very easy to open up to. She gives us 101% & is very generous with her knowledge. The sessions were simple & easy to follow. Even though it was just 3 sessions I have already benefited greatly! Thank you Elynn!” ~Joleen

“Elynn’s coaching style is very comfortable and easy to understand. Through the Emotion Coaching program, I learnt the I-message which helps to make each other understand better and open up conversation with my child.” ~ Susan

What benefits and outcomes have my clients achieved from Elynn’s coaching?

No more procrastination & achieved my goal!

“Elynn focused on shaping our mindsets and setting our goals, and shown us how positivism is but a mindset and goal which we can set ourselves to. If not for this workshop, I probably need at least another 4 months to push myself to my current goals. Let’s just not even add procrastination to the mix! ⁣Thank you Elynn for your personable and inspiring coaching…The sessions were all inspiring, insightful and energising, with a couple of teary moments as we dig into our deepest emotions – and this would not have been possible without Elynn’s patient guidance of our self-discovery! ” ~Karen

Improved Communications

“The communication tips that Elynn have provided are useful in helping me to draft compelling messages to my audience. During the sessions, Elynn puts in the effort to engage with us and also make sure that we truly understand the tips that she has provided by getting us to share our thoughts and work on short presentations. Elynn has been incredibly helpful by pointing out the aspects that I have done well and also areas for improvements which is much needed for me to work on my communication skills.” ~Jia Yan

More Effective Communications!

“Elynn has introduced specific methods that helped me to craft a better presentation pitch that will be much applicable to my day to day life! Thank you for your amazing energy and effort in coaching!” ~Ru Jun

Best decision I made this year!

“Having Elynn as my personal coach is the best decision I’ve made for myself this year. It has only been 4 sessions, but I see the growth in myself and the improvement in my relationships. Not only is she encouraging and supportive, she pushes me out of my comfort zone when I needed it. She is generous with her knowledge and is truly invested in the journey with her clients. Her sessions are insightful and empowering, and I always look forward to them!” ~YM

New Skills to Cope with Stress!

“I learn to recognize my own as well as my children’s signs of distress. Elynn’s coaching style is approachable and resourceful. It is a great opportunity to meet up with parents with similar challenges. I feel listened and supported that I am not the only one struggling in parenting.” ~Virginia

I see the light at the end of the tunnel…

“Chanced upon Elynn while I was browsing through websites in search of a coach that I can work with for a better self. Elynn has been a really patient and determined coach where she guide me on how to manage my life and emotions better. She helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and inspired me to love my life and myself more. I am glad that i chanced upon Elynn. Thank you Elynn! :)” ~Yun Xin

Resources by The Mind Studio

Goal Setting

Do you find it hard to achieve your goals? Well, firstly, is the goal important to you? Do you have the resources to reach the goal? And, do you procrastinate to even start working on your goal? Download this step-by-step goal setting chart to help you get started!


Parenting is tough, but we are not alone! Do you know that our parenting approach to our child’s emotions have a tremendous impact on our relationship with them and even affect how they form relationships with themselves and others? Take this survey to find out what kind of parenting style you are when dealing with emotions! And, I will provide a few tips for you to help you become your child’s emotion coach!

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