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Hi, my name is Elynn Teo, Creator of The Mind Studio. I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach and Master Practitioner, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Counsellor-Trainee.

I believe every individual has this inner power and strength within them to achieve the happiness they want. Sometimes, we are just a little stuck. Like, stuck in the tunnel and need a guiding light to shine the way.

That’s what happened to me.

My Journey

Personally gone through a challenging and emotionally neglected childhood, I learnt to work very hard for survival…and then in pursuit of happiness and love. Yes, I eventually reached a pretty comfortable place.

At 35, I was promoted to Senior Vice President at a leading investment management firm, and had the privilege to lead and mentor global teams ever since than.

I also have a lovely family of my own with two beautiful children.

But I felt something amiss. I was stuck, and I could not visualize the path ahead of me despite everything I had.

Diving into the science behind human emotions, thoughts and behaviors, and what makes people flourish in life, I realized that it all boils down to empowering our own mind and connecting it with our heart to create that spark!

I finally took the leap of faith and hit the REFRESH button to discover my next phase of life. The Mind Studio is created out of love & empowerment to inspire more souls to become creators of their own lives.

Professional Journey

Elynn Teo

18 years in the finance and private equities industries, I am humbled and honored to have held various leadership roles creating & leading teams across Americas, India, London and Singapore, where I coached and mentored many beautiful souls.  Thanks to them, I realized how passionate I am about empowering others to achieve their potential.

Personal Journey

A mother to three boys (two little humans and a golden retriever), my goal is to cultivate an empowering environment where my boys can excel to be the best they can be.  I want to be the mom they can speak to about their thoughts, feelings, plans and secrets with!

Looking back, I wished I had someone to guide me through my inferiority about my childhood, when my mom passed away and I felt there is no one else I could trust, when I struggled to support myself through college when my dad was retrenched, when I jumped from one relationship to the next seeking for validity and security….and the list goes on.

I told myself I would never want my children to go through the same feeling of being so small & insignificant in this crazy VUCA world.  Easier said than done though – this is definitely by far my most challenging role – from difficult pregnancies, miscarriage, breast-feeding nightmares to the fears as a mom when our boys go through different medical issues, but it is also no doubt the most rewarding & selfless job.  And, I strive to be the best emotion coach I can be for them every single day.

When not at work, yoga keeps me sane & grounded and exploring this beautiful planet with people I love is my passion!

I look forward to connecting with you & be able to serve you.

More fun facts about Elynn

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