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Support Local: Honest & Gentle

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Support Local: honest & gentle

Honest & Gentle

honest & gentle

The Story Behind honest & gentle

Since late childhood, I experienced dry, sensitive and eczematous skin. I understand how uncomfortable that can be, and would like to help others like myself feel comfortable in their own skin.

That inspired me to design natural skincare that are both gentle and moisturising for sensitive skin.

At the same time, I have always wanted to help others through my work. One night, an idea sparked in me — I could use fair-trade (or honest) ingredients, so communities in need could benefit and draw a sustainable income.

2020 had been a tough year for me, with my first breakup and the death of my uncle. However, these events very much inspired my work at honest & gentle. Likewise, I hope you see your personal trials as opportunities for growth as there is always something good for every bad that happens.

honest & gentle

Support the Community

Your every purchase will help the local women in Africa. Each item contains their handcrafted organic, unrefined shea butter, which our supplier pays a premium for. They work hand-in-hand with the local Ghanaian women to channel these proceeds go to their education, healthcare and the rebuilding of their communities.

I jumped with excitement at the thought of that and having the flexibility to do volunteer work (which I had been doing and recently took up new roles), so I decided to leave my corporate job to pursue this. And that was how honest & gentle birthed.

At honest & gentle, we pledge to use only carrier oils that are cold-pressed. Not only would the oil’s nutrients be retained as much as possible, they also pose a lower risk of skin irritation as compared to other extraction methods like heat refinery, expeller pressing and solvent extraction.

Also, we celebrate handmade here – each product is carefully crafted by hand. Being a small-batch boutique, we focus on quality rather than quantity.

At honest & gentle, we adopt a holistic approach to well-being. Besides skincare tips, you can also access materials related to mental health on our shop.

Learn more and shop at

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