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Do you also allow your worry to hold you back from your potential?

It may sound counter-intuitive to think about letting go to build confidence, right?

So, what is this all about?

I used to have a PROBLEM to speak up because I believed my ideas were not worthy enough to be shared and it would be a complete waste of other people's time to share my opinions. When I finally became aware that it was rooted down to my childhood where I didn't feel safe to express myself, I had a breakthrough, "Why am I letting something that happened 30 years ago affect my current life?”

And, when I eventually learnt to acknowledge and embrace the Worrier in me, I was able to reflect and ask Worrier what it was trying to protect me from. Instead of feeling fearful and focusing on avoidance, I became curious and developed solutions to be free.

Do you experience similar fears and worries? Do you wish to break free too?

In my recent IG Live with my dear friend and fellow coach, Darvinya, we discussed how you can use the Awareness, Reflection and Training (aka A.R.T.) to help you overcome your fear and build confidence to achieve your higher potential. So, read on and catch the replays to learn about the ART of letting go to build confidence!

Step 1: Awareness

Have you heard of the Hot Air Balloon theory? Darvinya shared how life’s journey is like a hot air balloon floating through the air, where we get to experience both turbulences and beautiful terrains. The Awareness stage of the A.R.T. process is to identify which sandbags are weighing the hot air balloon (us) down, keeping us grounded despite knowing there’s more out there.

Awareness itself can be so transformative - it helps us discover self-limiting beliefs/outcomes that keep recurring, and pushes us to think of the steps we can take after being aware of them.

I encourage you to be curious and honest and ask yourself:

👉🏼 What is one thing you now realize you need to let go of to be more confident?

👉🏼 What are some self-limiting beliefs you have, and what makes you believe in them?

Step 2: Reflection

Reflection is about making friends with your reflections, where we embrace our fears and try to understand the underlying positive intentions instead of pushing them away.

Ask yourself:

👉🏼 What is something you have not let go of that has helped you in the past?

👉🏼 What is the underlying positive intention of it?

Step 3: Training

Training is about making peace with your past, retraining your reflections, and giving thanks to yourself for how far you have come.

One way to train yourself to let go of what has happened in the past is a traditional yet powerful Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, Hoʻoponopono:

“I'm sorry,

Please forgive me,

Thank you,

I love you”.

We often keep most of the pain to ourselves, and the beautiful thing about Ho’oponopono is that it teaches us how to forgive ourselves, others or others to forgive you, even without seeing them physically. Acknowledging our emotional pain eases the tension we feel so that our cognitive side can work on a logical solution on how we can proceed from there. Give Hoʻoponopono a try, and with courage and kindness, ask yourselves what you can do differently✨

I highly encourage you to try these free tips - they have worked for me, and my clients and I am certain they can help you too. If you have any questions or feedbacks, I am always a message away.

With heart,


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