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Strategies to get promoted at work

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

How to get promoted at work

Do you have the strategies to land yourself that promotion at work? How long will it will take you to get promoted? Do you have a mentor or coach to guide you through your strategies?

In last week’s article, I wrote about the need for self-awareness as the first step to getting your promotion at work. If you have not had the chance to read that, please read here before you proceed to this article.

As I said last week, while it is the organization’s decision to promote someone, you have a lot more control than you think you have to influence this process. Now that you have the self-awareness as to your performance, strengths and development areas, it is time to start working on your strategies!

3 Strategies to help you get your promotion

how to get promotion

Strategies to your promotion

1. Speak to your boss

If you think that you would get promoted by keeping your head down and working really hard, then you are wrong. In fact, by being pro-active to speak with your boss shows that you are a strategist and truly committed to your goals. It is hence important you have the conversation with your boss to let them know your aspirations, and what it will take for you to get there. The objective here is to get your boss to be your cheerleader instead of an obstacle!

2. Map and build the right network

This is not about knowing every person in the organization, or always hanging out in every social event. If you are an introvert like me, this would be an extremely taxing task to do. But, you do need to map out the key relationships that would help you build your career in the organization. And, of course invest time to build meaningful relationships. In fact, you want them to be able to go like “oh yes….” when your boss or someone asks them about you. And, trust me, grapevine is the strongest communication channel in any organization.

3. Start performing at the next level

In addition to doing your current job well, you want to prove that you are pushing yourself to perform at the next level now. For instance, do you adopt the team winning mindset and place team goals in your own agenda? Do you foresee and prevent problems ahead of the game? And, do you accept new opportunities and challenges readily?

I hope this article will be a good start to help you think of the strategies you need to work on to get promoted. Do speak to your mentor or coach to work through the details of these strategies and work out your priorities.

In next week’s article, I will expand on point 1 and talk about how to be tactical in speaking with your boss about getting promoted. Till next week then!

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

From a finance-leader to a coach, Elynn is passionate about empowering others to become a better version of themselves and live a flourishing life.   Elynn spent 18 years working in highly dynamic and fast-paced corporate environments and held various global leadership roles. During this time, Elynn had the privilege to lead and serve global and virtual teams. And, it is through these beautiful souls that Elynn discovered her passion of empowering others to become a better self. Elynn holds a Bachelor in Accountancy, Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Counselling. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling.

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