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Is Accomplishment at Work about getting that promotion?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Is accomplishment at work about getting that promotion?

Accomplishment at Work

Is accomplishment at work about getting that promotion? Absolutely NOT.

The PERMA Model to a Flourishing Life

Accomplishment is the last element of the PERMA model created by Dr. Martin Seligman, American psychologist, author and founder behind positive psychology movement. Interestingly, achievement is not just about winning. It is also about how much we challenge ourselves in positive and progressive ways that enable us to further develop our strengths and skills.

Read this article to find out if you are flourishing at work using the PERMA Model!

What is Accomplishment at Work?

If it is not all about getting a promotion at work, then what is it? The PROCESS.

It is about the process of setting realistic goals and planning the milestones and baby steps. It is also about learning and developing skills and experiences along the way. And, it is about overcoming challenges and failures. Surely, it is about winning. As you can see, winning is one of the many aspects of accomplishment.

How to achieve accomplishment at work….

If you are still trying to figure out, these are some tips for you.

  1. Celebrate the knowledge and skills you have gained from the process of learning

  2. Recognize the growth you have gained from the process of failing

  3. Take pride of the contributions and impacts you have made

  4. Be grateful for the relationships you have formed during the journey

  5. Be proud of the milestones and goals you have achieved

If you can focus on the process rather than only the outcome, you will find yourself feeling a lot more accomplished.

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

From a finance-leader to a coach, Elynn is passionate about empowering others to become a better version of themselves and live a flourishing life.   Elynn spent 18 years working in highly dynamic and fast-paced corporate environments and held various global leadership roles. During this time, Elynn had the privilege to lead and serve global and virtual teams. And, it is through these beautiful souls that Elynn discovered her passion of empowering others to become a better self. Elynn holds a Bachelor in Accountancy, Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Counselling. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling.

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