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How to live 2021 with more intentions

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

How to live 2021 with more intentions

how to live with intentions

As we end January in a blink of eyes, are you wondering how to live 2021 with more intentions?

My 2021 intention is to live each day with more intentions. This is a journey I began about a year ago and progressing steadily. To me, this is beyond just setting intentions. It is a way of being, a way of living, a way of enjoying life.

Why Bother?

Why? Because, Life is too short everyone!

And, what is a life without intentions?

If you feel your life lacks the fire you wish you have, it could be that you have not create your life with intentions.

Yes, a life with intentions…..will guide you to think, feel, and act in control, congruency and alignment.

And, this is what makes you happy. Simple enough?

How I Use Intentions to Live with Intentions

Quite a mouthful, I know. I hope this will amplify the effect of this word INTENTION. It is a powerful word and can create powerful actions and outcomes. That is, if you are intentional in creating and living your intentions. =)

So, below are 3 ways I am attempting to live with more intentions.

1. Intentional in my Communications

Communicate with Intentions

I begin each conversation by asking myself what my intention is in the communications. Am I listening actively? Am I speaking with kindness? Will my words help or hurt? As much as possible, I try to control my emotions and say words that either empower or heal. Because, what is the point of speaking to hurt someone?

2. Intentional in My Relationships

Create relationships with intentions

I started to review the relationships in my life and ask myself a few key questions:

  1. What does each relationship mean to me? Identifying the key relationships that mean the most to me is important, as well as relationships that I can see is worth nurturing and which I can foresee bloom into meaningful relationships.

  2. For the key relationships, what do I want to achieve out of the relationship?

  3. By setting my intentions in the relationship, I also show up more intentionally in my interactions with the person.

  4. By being intentional in selecting relationships that I want to nurture and nourish, I set personal boundaries and spend my time on things and relationships that matter to me.

3. Last But Not Least, Create Daily Morning Intentions

Daily Intentions

Setting and living by my daily intentions is one of the most powerful tool that has kept me grounded during the pandemic. A simple 2-3 minutes reflection of my meetings and to-do list for the day and creating a intention on how I want to show up for the day is all it takes.

For instance, if I know my schedule for the day is going to be jam-packed, I’d set an intention that “My intention today is to stay focused” or “I am calm” to help me manage my day. When things seem challenging during the day, I’d use my intentions to remind myself of how I should show up. This helps me to respond in a mindful manner.

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