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Hopeful for a better 2021

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Hopeful for a better 2021

Hello Friends,

Happy 2021 and hope you are like me – hopeful for a better 2021! I’d like to begin my first journal of the year with a quick reflection of how my 2020 ended with so much mixed emotions.

The year ended for me with an extremely heavy heart as a very dear family member, my brother in law, passed on after battling for months in the ICU. I am sure he now finds the peace and freedom he deserves. Perhaps, my brother in law was finding us a way to get together beyond the covid-19 restrictions of 5 person rule. It was his way for all of us to come together to celebrate his life. Indeed, he had lived a life worth celebrating.

Otherwise, it was actually a nice, cool month to spend Christmas in town. It had been a long time since we last were in Singapore during this time of the year. Due to the covid-19 restrictions, we ended up with more parties to accommodate the group size. I am thankful for all the gatherings and dinner parties I had with my family and friends, and feel so blessed and fortunate for everything we’ve got, because things could be worse.

At the Mind Studio…

At The Mind Studio, it was a super busy year end as I prepared my business plan, brainstormed new ideas and developed new marketing strategies for 2021. Things have slipped due to the unexpected events but I am still grateful with how things have turned out.

A quick glimpse to what’s going on since the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021 so far!

Ending 2020 with a group workshop on “Mindful Breathing to Manage Stress”

What a meaningful way to end 2020 with a group workshop for a team of clinic nurses to guide them through how to perceive stress and use mindful breathing in a high-paced, stressful environment!

Beginning 2021 Hopeful with a Purpose

Mind & Yoga for Mothers – Rediscovering our Purpose in 2021!

I am so proud and pleased to begin the new year leading this Mind & Yoga workshop for mothers on “Rediscovering and Living Your Purpose in 2021”! In collaboration with Myca @camphealthstyle, my dear friend and yoga instructor, we hosted Day 1 of our 4-day workshop on the first Sunday of 2021! Day 1 was about rediscovering our purpose! Looking forward to the future sessions as we explore how we visualize our ideal self in 2021 and set achievable goals that we will commit to!

My biggest takeaway on this project so far is the difficulty to get mothers to commit time for themselves! Every mother we spoke to agree with our concept and that it is important for their own well-being. But it was a huge challenge for them to set aside time or find suitable caretaking arrangements for their fact, some even feels “guilty” if they had to leave their family to come to this personal development workshop. I guess it will take more time and effort to push through a change in every mother’s mindset and priority! For now, I am enjoying and growing through the entire process…

Upcoming Up at The Mind Studio

Monthly Newsletter

As part of my goal to provide meaningful content to you, I am specially working on curating a monthly newsletter targeting for both “the Young-at-Heart” and “Emotion Coach Parents”! Watch out for my email on 31 January 2021!

Emotion Coach Your Child: Group Program for Parents

Why Emotion Coaching?

Sign up now and join me in this small group, experiential emotion coaching program for parents! Through this workshop, you will discover insightful perspectives and explore practical techniques to be your child’s emotion coach. With practice, you will become your child’s emotion coach effortlessly…

Hopeful for a Better 2021

As I end 2020 and begin the new year, I also found out that my elder son, Jayden’s feet has grown to the same size as mine! What a hopeful sign that there will be more growth and success in 2021! =)

Wishing all of you happiness & joy throughout 2021. Let’s stay hopeful for 2021 and work towards our dreams together!

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