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Do Good & receive Good.
Fund Raise for Impart Towards Transformative Youth Development

Yay! Welcome to The Mind Studio's 2nd Annual Fund Raising movement to raise funds for Impart, a charity in Singapore that pioneers volunteer-driven community solutions to enable transformative youth development through Education, Community Building and Mental Health Care. Every dollar raised will receive 1:1 matching and goes directly to support Impart’s expenses in the planning and execution of programs for youths-facing-adversity. 

In 2021, the 1st fund raising led to S$4,000 benefitting the children of beneficiaries of Daughters of Tomorrow. This year, my goal is to raise S$5,000 by 31 Dec 2022, through the sale of my AbsoluteConfidence course and Emotional Awareness cards (designed by my kids!). I hope you can join me in this meaningful initiative. ~with gratitude, elynn 

*proof of donation to Impart will be provided by Jan, 2023.


Why support Impart:

Impart’s model of “bringing development to the doorstep” of youths-facing-adversity such as family trauma, mental health illnesses, etc has helped these youths to stay on course in their respective journeys. This begins with providing them with all the developmental opportunities—educational, aspirational, and mental health care related—to stay on track. And then, bridging them to local communities where intergenerational engagement and learning form opportunities to
foster an ecosystem of care.

Your support through this campaign will support Impart’s expenses in the planning and execution of these. These youths are the pillars of tomorrow’s communities. They have gifts and strengths to bring to those around them. Let's do our little part to make our community a better place.

My Personal Story with Impart:

I have been working with Impart providing pro bono coaching, counselling, mentoring to youths-at-adversity for about 18 months. I have withnessed the work Josh and his team have provided to these youths, and it's my humble privilege to be a part of this. One of the youths I work with is Jessica, and I feel incredible proud to see the transformation she goes through. Now, she is even contributing her time as a volunteer at Impart, supporting other youths!

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How YOU can do good & receive good! 

When you purchase one of the following products or services, 100% of the proceeds go to Impart's 2022 Donation Campaign. Not only are you making a positive impact to another youth's life, you are also making a positive impact to your life or someone important in your life! So, pick one of the following and make a difference now!

*Proof of donation from The Mind Studio to Impart will be made available to you by Jan 2023.

Any questions or ideas?

If you have a question or idea regarding this fund raising, reach out to me!

Thanks for submitting!
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