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Personal Resilience Advantage

"In today's world of busyness, how can we lead our life with a sense of inner ease and still tune into our heart and intuition for clear choices and create the joy & purpose in life? This is what the "Resilient Advantage" program is about and it begins within us."

~Elynn Teo, Founder and Coach, The Mind Studio

Personal Empowerment Coaching: Welcome

We all experience stress, but do you know how stress affects your body? 

More importantly, do you know you can learn to be more aware of and sensitive to your own level of stress and knowing when and how to take proactive steps? This increased awareness also helps you to better care for your family, friends and colleagues.

This is what HeartMath© Personal Resilience Advantage coaching program is for! 


A personalized coaching program over 4 sessions and includes a self-empowering technology tool from  HeartMath© which uses heart rhythm feedback to tell you when you can restore emotional balance right in the moment you need it.

Session 1

- Discover the physiology of coherence and optimal functioning; and how it interplays with stress, resilience and performance 

- Deepen self-awareness of the daily energy and emotional consumption

- Learn intelligent energy management technique to create inner ease 

- Incorporate practise with the use of HeartMath© Inner balance

Session 2

- Strategies of building and sustaining resilience

- Importance of coherence and regenerative feelings

- Learn intelligent energy management technique to experience regenerative feelings and create positivity

- Review progress / Q&A

Session 3

- Discover power of tapping into personal intuition for creativity and more intelligent decision making

- Learn intelligent energy management technique to access intuitive intelligence

- Review progress / Q&A

Session 4

- Learn about the energetics of comunications and how to use that to solve communication problems

- Learn intelligent energy management tool to practise active listening and effective communication

- Review progress / Q&A


- Each session is 90 mins. It is recommended that each session interval is within 2 weeks to optimise your learning and progress

- To faciliate your practise of HeartMath techniques, you will receive a set of HeartMath device, Inner Balance Bluetooth for Android & iPhone, retailed at S$300+shipping cost from United States 

- To maximise your learning and progression, you will be encouraged to practise a daily HeartMath practise of 5-10 minutes on your HeartMath device as well as complete assigned tasks throughout the coaching program.

- Sessions can be held in person at The Mind Studio or online via zoom.

- Program available for individual, buddy or group setting. 


  • you had more energy throughout the day?

  • when out of sync, you could reset yourself just like you reset your computer?

  • your communications were clear, rich and fulfilling?

  • you intuitively knew how to respond to change and challenge?

Personal Resilience Advantage, a high impact program by HeartMath©, delivers a practical skill-set of easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices, reinforced by HeartMath proprietary, engaging, real-time monitoring and feedback technology. You can experience the immediate benefits of bringing more ease and balance into your life—at home, at work, in a meeting, while driving, anywhere or anytime you feel the need to de-stress.

Key Learning Outcomes
Notice and acknowledge the emotional states and how emotions influence our energy use and drains

Shift energy to stop leakages through intelligent energy self-regulation techniques to reduce stress and related symptoms of fatigue, burnout, anxiety, frustration and sleeplessness 

Align heart and brain for optimal functioning to have more control and make better choices

Awaken intuitive access for clear choices and innovative actions

Increase and sustain resilience capacity even in the face of change and uncertainty

Live with mindfulness, clarity and focus to create joy & purpose in life

What would your life be like if …

heart coherence.jpg

HeartMath’s research shows how emotions change our heart rhythm patterns. Positive emotions create coherent heart rhythms, which look like rolling hills – it’s a smooth and ordered pattern. In contrast, negative emotions create chaotic, erratic patterns. Using a heart rhythm monitor, you can actually see your heart rhythms change in real time as you shift from stressful emotions like anger or anxiety to positive feelings like care or appreciation. Coherent heart rhythm patterns facilitate higher brain function, whereas negative emotions inhibit a person’s ability to think clearly. Coherent heart rhythms also create a feeling of solidity and security.

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