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Oct 9, 2023 - Oct 20, 2023

Oct Challenge - Manifest to a strong 4th quarter

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Welcome to The Mind Studio's monthly challenge! Can you believe we're in the last quarter of 2023!??? OMG!!! This year, I've (finally!) made this 4th quarter to slow down, end my work and enjoy my connections and travelling plans. This is the first time I've managed to do this ever since I started entrepreneurship back in 2020! YAY!! While some of you may still be working on reaching your final goals, or perhaps struggling through them, it's OKAY! There is still a whole 3 months to achieve it. And, I'm going to help you! This month's Manifest to a STRONG 4th quarter is going to support you to MANIFEST your desired goal that will help you end 2023 with a glow! Day 1 - Claim Your Power Day 2 - As If and Appreciate Day 3 - Connect with the Universe Day 4 - Cultivate Authentic Abundance Day 5 - Allow & Receive Learning Format: ➡Daily email to prompt you to log in to the portal for your daily lesson ➡Each lesson comprises written, audio/video and worksheets ➡Each lesson will take 10-15mins only! ➡So yes, all you need is your wifi, worksheet / your own journal! And if you happen to miss a day of the challenge, simply resume it whenever you can. This challenge will be made available to you until 20 Oct 2023! I look forward to meet you and the new you! 🥳 💙💙💙 ~elynn

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The Mind Studio Monthly Challenges!

The Mind Studio Monthly Challenges!

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