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May 8, 2023 - May 21, 2023

May Challenge - I'm Worthy!

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Welcome to The Mind Studio's May monthly challenge! Join me in this 5-day gentle yet fun heart centered approach towards a mindset of "I'm Worthy" to help you show up as your best self each day! You may also stand a chance to win a coaching session to help you craft out your I'm Worthy action road map! Day 1 - The 3-step framework Day 2 - I accept myself Day 3 - I embrace my dreams & goals Day 4 - I seek progress Day 5 - I'm worthy of a joyful life Learning Format: ➡Daily email to prompt you to log in to the portal for your daily lesson ➡Each lesson comprises written, audio/video and worksheets ➡Each lesson will take 10-15mins only! ➡So yes, all you need is your wifi, worksheet / your own journal! And if you happen to miss a day of the challenge, simply resume it whenever you can. This challenge will be made available to you until 19 May 2023! I look forward to meet you to this positive shift in your mind & heart! 🥳 💙💙💙 ~elynn

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The Mind Studio Monthly Challenges!

The Mind Studio Monthly Challenges!

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