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Parenting Program: Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach

What if I told you – we can be like a friend with our child where they share their secrets with us, and at the same time, we can be a coach to our child where we develop their full potential?

Parenting Program: Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach: Welcome

As parents, do you go all out to understand your child but find it challenging to understand their behaviors? Do you struggle to teach your child how to make sense and cope with their emotions?  And, do you ever wonder how some parents are able to do so and even connect deeply with their child and share secrets together? 

If you do, you are not alone! Many of us become parents by following how our parents raised us or by following what we think is the right way. Yes, I am one of you!

But, it does not mean we need to continue the same way!

Growing up in an environment where my parents were barely making ends meet, I felt emotionally neglected and I had the belief that I was never good enough. That led me to numerous problems in creating meaningful relationships, making good decisions, and living purposefully! And when I started to have children of my own, I was completely clueless on how to be a parent that my child would be most proud of.

But, I know one thing for sure – I don’t want my child to feel how I felt when I was a child. I want to create a deep and meaningful relationship with them. I started on a journey to discover, learn and find the answers….And, today, I am the most proud mama ever, knowing my child is confident that their mother will be here as their guardian angel to guide them to flourish in their lives, in their own way.

Integrating important learnings from Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Marc Brackett with my coaching skills as a
Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology Coach, my parenting style and relationship with my children have transformed completely. This is how “Emotion Coach Your Child” program is developed and I am so passionate about spreading this skill to all parents!

Through this 4-weeks online modules, I am going to share these practical strategies with you:

  • To enhance your connection with your child

  • To show empathy and teach your child about empathy

  • To help your child shift their emotional states for peak performance

  • To teach your child to problem solve when they need help

  • Work through conflicts effectively with your child & teach them this life skill! 

Join this self-paced online learning program at your own speed & comfort of your home! You will also get to be part of the private FB group community where I hope to continue to support you in this emotion coaching journey!

Module 1: The Winning Mindsets of an Emotion Coaching Parent

Module 2: Mastering the Secret Sauce to Creating

Connection with Your Child

Module 3: Empowering Your Child to Problem Solve

Module 4: Resolving Conflicts with Your Child to achieve Win-Win Outcome

Bonus Video: Understanding our child’s brain developmental stage in emotions

Bonus Gift: Feeling cards made by kids for kids to understand their emotions!

Cost: SGD 128

Parenting Program: Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach: News and Tips
Parenting Program: Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach: FAQ
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