Parenting Workshop: Emotion Coach Your Child

Becoming your child’s emotion coach: Learn the new ways to see, feel & act and build deep, trusting connections with your child

Parenting is tough, isn’t it?

  • End up with arguments when conversing despite your well intentions?
  • Find it difficult to influence your child without using the power authority as parent?

Do you, as parents, often feel:

  • Overwhelmed with juggling the expectations of parenting?
  • Find it hard to have to discipline your child and be their life coach at the same time?
  • Helpless to help your child overcome their unhelpful feelings like anxiety, anger or fear?

  • According to Daniel Goleman, emotional Intelligence is a stronger predictor of success later in life as compared to IQ. If so, why are we, as parents, often not taught or trained in emotion coaching our child?

If so, do you wish to hop on to this journey to discover how you can connect better with your child and teach your child the valuable life skills needed in life?

Why be an Emotion Coach to your Child?

Can our Child learn EQ?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can:

  • Build the emotional connection with our child while teaching them important life skills;
  • Raise our child to be emotionally intelligent, equipped with strong emotional and resilience reservoir;
  • And, create deep, trusting relationships with our child that last a life time?

Yes, you can build this special connection with your child….

Join me in this small group, experiential emotion coaching for parents program where you will discover insightful perspectives and knowledge and explore practical techniques to be your child’s emotion coach. And, with practice, you will become your child’s emotion coach effortlessly…

Moreover, wouldn’t it be incredible to be part of this empowering community with like-minded parents who support one another through your emotion coaching journey with your child?

Let’s be our child’s Emotion Coach….Together!

Program Outline

3 Step See, Feel & Act Approach to be your Child’s Emotion Coach

Who is this program for?

You want to do this coaching program if you are:

  • Committed to become the emotion coach for your child
  • Curious and open to learning new knowledge and techniques
  • One who enjoys hands on practice and interactive sharing of case studies for learning and discussion.
  • Looking to learn and support one another within the coaching group. Each participant is the accountable partner for others in the group
  • Willing to practice, and soon, you will be able to emotion coach your child effortlessly.

Emotion Coaching Program Logistics

Program Dates & Timings:

Each session will be held on Thursdays, 4 Mar, 11 Mar, 18 Mar, 25 Mar and 1 Apr 2021.

In addition to the above, each participant will also receive two sessions of individual 1:1 coaching with me. These 2 sessions will be separately scheduled.

Timing: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Venue: 10 Winstedt Rd, block A, 02-02, Singapore 227977 (next to ACS Junior, near to Newton MRT/Newton Hawker Centre)

Emotion Coaching Program Investment

Investment Cost: S$550 for 5 group sessions and 2 individual 1:1 coaching sessions (Total value program worth over S$1,200 for the entire program)

Early Bird Privileges if you sign up now!

By 24 December 2020: S$380

By 10 January 2021 : S$450

10 January 2021 and after: S$550


#1 – You will receive a bonus video to facilitate your learning of your child’s brain processing of emotions.

#2 – In addition, you will get a complimentary set of feeling cards from @smallhumanbigfeelings cards worth S$29.90. The feeling cards will help you engage your children in recognizing, understanding and labelling their emotions.

#3 – Plus, you can add on the optional POST PROGRAM SUPPORT. This option will include a bi-weekly 30 minutes call with Elynn for 6 months, where Elynn will be your sounding board and support in tackling through your challenges as the emotion coach for your child! Valued at S$800, this is now made available to you at S$150 if you sign up as an additional option for this program!

Upon completion of the program, you will also receive a Certificate of Completion in Emotion Coaching Your Child!

About Your Guide, Elynn

Parenting is one of the toughest job in the world. Yet, how many of us had proper training to be a parent? Definitely not me. I started being a parent by learning how I was parented, and then from reading whatever materials I can find online. It had been a tough journey.

I am personally inspired by a few renowned leaders in the parenting field, namely, Dr. John Gottman‘s Emotion Coach Parenting, Dr. Marc Brackett‘s RULER approach to Social and Emotional Learning in schools, and Dr. Dan Siegel’s Whole Brain Child. Ever since I learnt about their approach to parenting and emotion coaching, my parenting style and relationship with my children have transformed completely. Being a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach and Positive Psychology practitioner, I integrated the practical tools I already have with the philosophy from Dr. John and Dr. Marc. And, this is how “Emotion Coach Your Child” program is developed!

Through this 5 weeks program, I am certain that you will walk away with practical concepts & toolkit that you can use immediately in your daily life. And with practice, you will become an Emotion Coach for not only your child, but yourself and all your loved ones.

I look forward to this beautiful journey with you!


<strong>Elynn Teo </strong>
Elynn Teo 

Elynn works with individuals in becoming self-empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Elynn is passionate about Emotion Coaching where she works with parents and children to help them discover a new way of Seeing, Feeling and Acting, hence enhancing their emotional intelligence and creating deep, trusting relationships with each other.

NLP Master Practitioner & Coach | Graduate Diploma in Positive Psychology | Graduate Certificate in Counselling