How to Keep Flourishing at Work?

If you find yourself generally happy and thriving at work, congratulations! And, I would strongly encourage you to do more to keep flourishing at work.

But, do you know how? If not, read on to learn about the PERMA model of well-being. Learn the science behind how you can influence different aspects of your life to be thriving and flourishing.

The PERMA Model

According to Dr. Martin Seligman, American psychologist, author and founder of the Positive Psychology Movement, flourishing is about overall well-being. It comprises five key elements known as the PERMA model – Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments. Dr. Seligman suggested that all five elements are essential to achieve well-being, and there are techniques to increase each element in our lives to increase our well-being and be flourishing.

So, how can we understand and apply the PERMA model to our work? Use the below infographics to guide you in how to increase each element of the PERMA model to be flourishing at work!

The PERMA Model to Flourishing at Work
The PERMA Model to Flourishing at Work

Want to learn more about incorporating PERMA in your work? If so, read on to learn quick tips on how to increase each of the five elements at work – Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments.

Would you like to integrate more of these 5 elements at work? If so, then I can help. Do get in touch.

Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio
Elynn Teo | Creator | The Mind Studio

From a finance-leader to a coach, Elynn is passionate about empowering others through their mindset to become a better version of themselves and live a flourishing life.  

Elynn spent 18 years working in highly dynamic and fast-paced corporate environments and held various global leadership roles. During this time, Elynn had the privilege to lead and serve global and virtual teams. And, it is through these beautiful souls that Elynn discovered her passion of empowering others to become a better self.

Elynn holds a Bachelor in Accountancy, Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Counselling. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling.