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Online Event: Communicate to Influence

Join Elynn from The Mind Studio in this small group & interactive 90 mins online group session to learn how you can answer a simple question “What do you do?” with confidence & style that makes a lasting impression!

Workshop for Parents

NLP Empowerment Coaching for Parents
Emotion Coaching Workshop for Parents (Commencing in March 2021)

Join Elynn in this small group, experiential emotion coaching program for parents! Through this workshop, you will discover insightful perspectives and explore practical techniques to be your child’s emotion coach. With practice, you will become your child’s emotion coach effortlessly…

Workshop for Children

NLP Empowerment Coaching for Children
Yoga & Emotional Well-Being Kids Camp (March 2021)

Ready for your child to have fun & learn at the same time? Join Sweatbox and The Mind Studio in our upcoming workshop where your child explore yoga and emotional coaching through play!

Past Events

Mindful Breathing Workshop for Nurses!
how to shift emotional states
Learn how to help your child shift their Emotional States (7th Nov 2020) – Fully Booked!