Do you dare to dream your life?

Before you set your goals, do you dare to dream your life?

Do you set your goals that then bring you a step, small or big, closer to your dream of what you want your life will be?

As I begin on my 2020 reflections and 2021 goal setting, it daunts upon me that I have been pretty sloppy when I go about setting my goals. In the past, I usually do this exercise during our two weeks long December holidays (which isn’t going to happen this year!). And, I often had a hard time coming up with goals! They would end up to be a goal to address a problem I may have, or a goal to “challenge me” and this goal could be something that sounds cool or trendy.

There is nothing wrong with that, except that I have not asked myself what is important about that goal to me. And often, it is actually not that important to me, which is why I often do not achieve them by the end of the year! Does this happen to you too?

So, this year I want to do it differently. And first, I begin to dream.

As I begin this exercise, I started to visualize myself in all the different roles I play. I started to dream a little about what each role looks like if I were doing it at my best. And, I really loved this exercise! I felt like I have given myself the permission to dream and to dare to dream what I want, and not what our society or people around us expect us to do.

Road Block

If you have not already tried this, I highly encourage you to do so! It may not be easy especially if you have this block in your mind stopping you to see far. Stopping you to feel free. Stopping you to hear what you would love to hear.

And this is normal.

This also came up when I was working with my client on the next steps in her life as a whole. When she metaphorically told me how she is unable to imagine how her “dream house” looks like, let alone seeing the path to building it, it is like these invisible boundaries preventing her to even dare to dream.  At the end of our session, I was absolutely over the moon to see that she has finally empowered herself to want to take a step forward, to start dreaming how that house will be like.

And for a few days, this kept coming back to my mind. Don’t we often allow our own self-limiting beliefs or thoughts to stop us?  Definitely me. It can due to many reasons. Many legitimate and rightful reasons.

But, ask yourself – how does this self-limiting belief serve you? Absolutely not well. 

We know deeply that all creations and innovations begin with a silly idea, a silly thought.  And the idea manifests as we dream about it, as we believe it and then take starting actions to make it come true. 


So, ask yourself this. How many times have you stop yourself from dreaming of a new idea, a new possibility, a new future?  And is it because:

You allowed your past experiences tell you this is not going to work?
You let someone’s words tell you this is not going to work?
Or, you doubted your own capabilities and what you capable to become?
You let the big, courageous dream overwhelm you and made you not take the first step of your comfort zone?

And for those of you who are parents, ask yourself:
How many times have you told your child not to imagine or dream because:

The idea or dream is not “realistic”?
The idea does not suit them or align to this society’s norms?  You think they are not going to make it and you fear failure for them? You think that’s silly and a “waste of time”?

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

Dare to dream does not mean you have to do crazy things. It just means you empower yourself to listen to your inner self and allow yourself to explore possibilities before you decide your choices and path.

As you begin your 2021 goal setting, I hope you can also allow yourself to dream. Hope this video also inspires you to start dreaming.

And, have I mentioned it is free to dream, isn’t it?


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