Clarity, Confidence and Success Coaching

Clarity, Confidence and Success Coaching

Are you at a cross road to make a big decision but feeling torn between making the right decision and the decision that’s right for you?

Or, have you made a decision but find yourself procrastinating in taking real actions?

If so, will you like to explore how to tap into your own Clarity Compass and find your true destination and path?

A highly personalized & experiential coaching program where you learn the tools to gain your Clarity to what you desire and how to achieve it with Confidence & Success

clarity compass

In this coaching program, you will be experiencing a guided journey to explore the specific tools to your life:

Vision – what do you want? who do you want to be?

Values – Your Real Why – Why do you want this? How do they relate to your personal values?

Blocks – what are the blocks preventing you from getting what you want?

Acceptance & Empower your blocks

Mind & Heart Coherence

You will be guided to become more attuned to your own magic of mind-heart coherence to get that clarity of your REAL WHY and gain the Confidence within YOU.

The power of coherence gives you that confidence of yourself & your plans and push to take actions. At this stage, you will be guided to integrate your Vision with your Values and create meaningful Goals.

mind heart coherence

The Path – How do you get there?

Yes! In the Success stage of this coaching program, your focus will be on getting into specifics of how you embark on this new path to reach the destination you want to get to! It is all about translating your vision into goals and getting down to specific plans and real actions!

Are you keen to find out how this CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & SUCCESS coaching can help you? Contact me today!


This program is more structured than the Personal Empowerment coaching program, where you will be guided on your personal journey using a specific Clarity-Confidence-Success framework. Recommended 12 sessions, with a minimum commitment of 6 sessions (90 minutes per session).

2. Are your coaching sessions online or in-person?

Clients in Singapore have the option to choose online or in-person meeting at my office at Ngee Ann City. Clients outside Singapore will attend the coaching session online via zoom or skype.